The flat pack solar collector

The SolarisKit collector is a  low-cost, simple to install, and easy to transport solar collector that can turn sunlight into hot water for your home or business. Thanks to its flat packable design, the SolarisKit collector is cheaper and easier to transport making it ideal for developing regions such as sub-Sahara Africa, SE Asia, and Central America. SolarisKit technology lets you harness solar energy to meet the hot water needs for:

  • Homes
  • Schools
  • Hotels
  • Laundromats
  • Industry
SolarisKit collector

The SolarisKit collector is Patent Pending

The SolarisKit Vision

To empower entrepreneurs in developing countries to start their own clean energy business, raising their personal standard of living through income, while tackling climate change.

Why SolarisKit

SolarisKit was founded to address some key issues facing the world.

Simple and affordable solar heat

The flat pack SolarisKit collector can be assembled in approximately 30 minutes using basic tools. After being built , simply place the SolarisKit collector on a flat ground or roof for connection to a hot water storage tank with a pump and start converting sunligh tinto into heat. With the SolarisKit collector you’ll be saving money and reducing your carbon emissions while the sun is shining.

Simple to Operate

SolarisKit collector

The SolarisKit collector converts sunlight directly into heat in the form of hot water. Sunlight is transmitted through its clear side panels striking the absorber coil, increasing its temperature. Cold water is circulated through the coil transferring heat from the absorber to the water.Its unique prismatic geometry effectively reduces heat losses while allowing sunlight to come through during the day.

Cheap to Ship and Transport

The SolarisKit collector is the first flat packable solar collector that is light enough to be transported by bicycle making it even more environmentally friendly. Its ability to be transported by bicycle means that entrepreneurs in developing countries with just a bicycle can start their own clean energy business installing solar hot water systems, helping to reduce carbon emissions.

Easy to install

The SolarisKit collector has been designed to be as simple as possible to install. Using pushfit style connections, connections between the water tank and solar collector are made quickly and easily with minimal tools required. Thanks to its clever design, the SolarisKit collector will not reach temperatures dangerous for plastic fittings and piping.

Safe to operate in sunny climates

SolarisKit Africa

The unique design and combination of materials makes the SolarisKit collector ideal for installation in sunny regions such as Africa, Asia, and Central America. Current solar thermal collectors can easily reach unsafe temperatures (over 100 deg C), but the SolarisKit collector will not heat water over 60 deg C making it ideal for installation in sunny, warm countries.

SolarisKit collector

The flat pack solar thermal collector.

Turn sunlight into heat, affordably.

Heat plays an important role in our lives and to the environment. With building heating making up 40% of greenhouse gas emissions, renewable heat technologies like solar thermal will help the world meet climate targets. The SolarisKit is unique as it has been developed specifically for the developing countries based on the following features.

About SolarisKit

SolarisKit is a limited company based in Edinburgh Scotland founded by Dr Faisal Ghani, a chartered mechanical engineer with almost fifteen years of experience in solar energy. Faisal started SolarisKit after realising that most renewable heating solutions are designed for developed countries who have access to more capital, resources, and skilled personnel. To tackle climate change while bringing up the standard of living of millions of people in the developing world, we need simple, affordable, and practical solutions. SolarisKit was born from this necessity.

Developed and tested at Heriot-Watt university, the SolarisKit collector has been tested using both indoor and outdoor facilities. We will be publishing data from our testing very soon. 

We are currently semi-finalists in Scotlands Converge Challenge and have been selected for the Innovate UK Energy Catalyst mission to Kenya scheduled for July, 2019. We are based at the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation funded by the Climate-KIC programme and supported by the Edinburgh Business School at Heriot-Watt University.

If you have any further questions or would like to just get in touch, please email us at –

SolarisKit semi-finalists converge challenge

Solar technology to empower people.